A UFO enthusiast captured a UFO shooting out of the sun that was five times larger than our planet.

Numerous otherworldly alien drones are reportedly orbiting the earth, collecting information and studying human society.

They are massive and suggest that the civilizations or beings that made them should have technology that is far superior than our own because their scale is equivalent to that of planets in the Solar System.

Due of their size, many academics, experts, and even skeptics refuse to recognize them as human creations because it would be impossible for humans to create such technological wonders.

The fact that these items are extremely complex mathematical forms rather than normal Euclidean shapes makes them much more interesting.

More recently, a giant rocket-like object suddenly erupts into space at an angle that, as previously stated, has no definite proportions or form. The object appeared to be fixed in the Sun’s orbit.

Even more shockingly, the object’s diameter was over four times that of our planet. Most ufologists still find these instances to be puzzling.

Given that we haven’t been able to communicate with people who actually live on our planet, let alone these huge, god-like creatures whose just prospective existence is almost hard for us to grasp, communication with such an entity is of course inexplicable.


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