Dulce Base: Is there an alien installation in New Mexico?

For decades, ufologists have claimed that aliens experiment on humans and aid the military inside a secret base in Dulce, New Mexico.

The picturesque deserted village of Dulce, New Mexico, has less than 3,000 residents and doesn’t even have a traffic light.

But the small community is a hotbed for ufologists and theorists who believe that beneath the city is a secret seven-story military installation known as Base Dulce.

While tales of the unexplained centering on regional deserts are nothing new, legends of an alien base in New Mexico gained traction in the 1970s.

Perhaps more unbelievable were the claims of Phil Schneider, an alleged former government engineer, who claimed to have helped build the alien base in Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979.

He claimed that he and others encountered aliens during construction, but that members of the military engaged in a firefight with them and later negotiated a peace deal with the beings.

Although no concrete evidence has emerged, rumors of strange occurrences in Dulce, New Mexico continue to circulate.

First rumors based on Dulce

Dulce is home to the headquarters of the Jicarilla Apache Reservation of northern New Mexico and is largely inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Despite its small population, it attracts a lot of tourism from ufologists, who organize an annual “UFO Sweet Base Conference”.

It is important to note that the existence of the New Mexico alien base itself remains unproven, even though the legends surrounding it are well documented.

The stories emerged in the mid-1970s, when New Mexico state trooper Gabriel Valdez reported on a series of disturbing cattle mutilations.

Valdez claimed to have seen “sophisticated spacecraft in the skies over Dulce, near where the Base is said to be located, and to have found a mutilated cow.”

“The evidence that was left there, you know, predators don’t leave behind gas masks, glow sticks, radar junk,” Valdez said. “They don’t leave these things.”

Statements by John Lear

In May 1990, John Lear claimed to have obtained “four independent confirmations” that the seven-story structure was real.

John Lear was a former pilot and government man, as well as the son of the LearJet inventor, so people have given some credence to his claims.

Their detailed claims even went so far as to describe different species of aliens that allegedly visited Earth.

Lear’s claims formed the basis for other claims about the New Mexico alien base.

Phil Schneider on Dulce Base Secrets

According to him, “he witnessed a battle at the Dulce alien base”.

Phil Schneider claimed to be a former government official and explosives expert who was involved in the construction of the Dulce base.

Perhaps the most famous is his 1995 presentation, in which he claimed that during the early stages of the project, the military encountered alien entities underground and had to fight them.

Phil Schneider died by suicide in 1996 after touring with his Dulce-based claims.

For Dulce residents, there’s nothing new under the sun

“All the people in Dulce you want to talk to will tell you what they saw. It’s not a fairy tale. All things are true, and we believe each of them, because we have seen them too.


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