The Moon Doesn’t Belong To Us – Alien Base and Flying Objects On The Moon

What appears to look like a massive building is, according to UFO hunters, undoubtable evidence of intelligent aliens within our solar system. The massive structure-like object is supposedly as big as the Empire State Building, but stretching three miles across the ground inside a massive crater.

NASA conspirators/whistleblowers have full assurance that the US space agency has been covering the evidence of UFOs since the first Apollo mission. Donna Hare claimed to have worked for NASA contactor Philco Ford in the early 1970s. She had a high-security clearance to walk in NASA’s photo lab and other departments.

During the Disclosure Project press conference, Hare revealed that NASA covered up and eliminated space anomalies such as UFOs from the satellite photos. Hare has got several awards in the space programs. She dedicated most of her time as a technical illustrator in space programs. She created lunar maps, landing slides and had been working for 15 years as a sub-contractor for NASA.

Former NASA scientist Robin Brett, who was among the first people to study and direct research on moon rocks said: “It seems easier to explain the non-existence of the Moon than its existence.” Besides, according to scientists, the Moon is older than the Earth by nearly 800,000 years, which raises a lot of questions.

Former US Air Force Sergeant Karl Wolfe, who died in a bike accident in 2018, was another person who shared a story similar to Donna Hare. He also had top-secret clearance and worked at Langley Air Force base in Virginia, the USA.

Recently, NASA removed some photos of the moon from its official website and kept others with much lower resolution. This was the case with an image featuring an extraterrestrial base on the moon.

However, some photos were posted that were taken by astronauts sent into space, featuring flying objects hovering over the moon.

Dr. Franklin Roach said that after thorough analysis that these images were completely legit. Later on, NASA denied those images, claiming that in fact, those appearances were just fragments floating through space. Nevertheless, this explanation was immediately ruled out by experts.

There are many more cases of images featuring strange objects, such as spaceships or strange construction on the moon, and NASA, again, kept saying that they are only ice particles.

During the STS-75 mission, an astronaut witnessed with his own eyes hundreds of UFOS flying around the moon. He recorded the whole thing, but NASA classified it as “unknown” and “secret”. Finally, Wernher von Braun, creator of the American Apollo program claimed on several occasions that we are dealing with powers greater than we assumed.

What kind of powers do you think von Braun referred to?

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