NASA partner: “I am completely convinced that aliens are among us”

US businessman and NASA partner Robert Bigelow says he is “completely convinced” that aliens currently live on our planet, he said in a 60-minute interview.

Robert Bigelow, an American businessman who collaborates closely with NASA on future space missions, says that aliens are present on our planet and certainly live among us.

The show\’s episode focused on Bigelow\’s cooperation with the US space agency.

“I am convinced that aliens live here. are currently present. I spent millions and millions and millions of dollars, probably more than anyone else in the US has spent on this issue,” he said.

The presenter asked Bigelow if he worries that a lot of people will think he\’s gone crazy, to which the manager replied that he didn\’t.

Bigelow did not reveal whether studies or private space travel funded by his company Bigelow Aerospace helped him gain any information about aliens.

The interviewee clarified that the work done by NASA and his company will not be necessary to find the extraterrestrials, because people “should not go anywhere because visitors from other worlds live well among us”.

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