New evidence of ruins of ancient alien civilization discovered under the Martian desert

A new set of ruins has been discovered in an area known as Hellas Planitia on the surface of Mars.

NASA is constantly trying to debunk it by claiming that it\’s all a matter of the pareidolia effect, which is the psychological discrepancy where you see faces in places where there are no faces.

Experts, on the other hand, take issue with this, stating that there is no way such a perfect representation of a face appearing out of nowhere on the surface of Mars.

Furthermore, the discovery of a series of pyramids nearby has also made experts believe that these two are somehow connected, that they were built by the same civilization. This same civilization is also the one attributed to the construction of the Sphinx among other pyramids of the past.

The theory is that they left Earth in ancient times after building the Sphinx to escape the Flood. You can see evidence of the Flood on the Sphinx, as what appears to be watermarks can be seen on the ancient structure.

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