Bizarre ‘300km unidentified metallic object’ found under Antarctica’s ice

Strange \’300km unidentified metallic object\’ found under Antarctica\’s ice

Antarctica has long been saturated with secrets and mysteries, from hosting the mythical access to the empty Earth to being essential for an “obstacle” that would delimit the supposed level of the Earth.

All of its secrets are currently covered by ice, however, some signs are starting to emerge that have surprised geologists, archaeologists, researchers, disseminators and, surprisingly, pioneers around the world. Professor Ralph Von Frese led a review group that recognized a huge hole in 2006. It was surrounded by a thick, enigmatic mass that stretched for about 300 kilometers.

Researchers believe that behind miles of ice in Antarctica are the remains of a massive space rock. At the same time, it is still a secret how the Earth figured out how to support such a massive article that it affects it.

Different experts believe that there is a space body in Antarctica, but that there is no way to retrieve it and start observing it now. A large-scale enterprise requires a huge amount of assets. The expense of the mission will be comparable to the expense of a human excursion to Mars. While researchers are waiting for extra data on the puzzling thing, scholars of connivance have their own convictions.

Many people imagine that a huge extraterrestrial spacecraft collided with the earth here. Others, again, believe that outsiders have built a base there. Antarctica is a frozen “time case”, holding lost evidence of deep roots before people as we probably know them today, according to people familiar with its properties.

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