Amazon Indians claim that there is a whole world inside our planet

The Macuxi Indians had known Terra Oca for almost a hundred years. But are their legends true or are they just another amazing folk story?

What if Jules Verne\\\’s classic “Journey to the Center of the Earth” is actually true?

And somewhere out there, a whole new world is waiting to be explored, a place where living beings somehow inhabit the depths of our planet, a place that ancient cultures and civilizations knew existed, or still exists today.

The Macuxi Indians are indigenous people who live in the Amazon, in countries such as Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. According to their legends, they are the descendants of the children of the Sun, the creator of Fire and disease and the protectors of the “Inner Earth”.

Their oral legends speak of an entrance to Earth. Until 1907, the Macuxie entered a kind of cave, and traveled from 13 to 15 days until they reached the interior. It is there, “on the other side of the world, inside the Earth” where the Giants live, creatures that are about 3 to 4 meters tall.

According to the Macuxies, they were given the task of guarding the entrance and preventing outsiders from entering the “Hollow Land”.

Legends of the Macuxi people say that whoever enters the mysterious cave for three days, only descends by giant stairs, which measure about 80 centimeters at each step.

Hollow Earth

After the third day, they leave their torches behind and continue their journey “inside” the Earth illuminated by the lights that were already present in the caves. Giant lanterns, the size of a watermelon, shone like the sun.

After 4 to 5 days of travel, those inside the cave would lose weight and body mass, allowing them to move much faster.

Legends of the Macuxi people claim that after 5 days inside the caves, they would pass through huge caves whose ceilings could not be seen, and in one of the chambers of the cave system, there are four “Sun-like” objects that are impossible to look at. , whose purpose is unknown to the Macuxi people.

Within the Earth, there are places where trees with food can grow. The Macuxi say that fruits such as cashew, oak, mango, banana and some smaller plants are found within 6 to 7 days of travel.

The more the Macuxi people moved within the Earth, the larger the areas of vegetation they observed. But not all areas are green and prosperous. The Macuxi people say that some places are extremely dangerous and should be avoided, such as those with boiling stone and “azoge” streams.

The oral traditions of the Macuxi continue and say that after passing through these giant chambers, in the middle of the journey, they need to move carefully, as the mysterious “air” can cause people to “fly or float”.

Continuing their journey, they would arrive at a place within the Earth where the Giants lived. There, Macuxi explorers ate the food of the giants, such as apples the size of human heads, grapes the size of a human fist, and delicious giant fish that were captured by the giants and given to the Macuxi as gifts.

After stocking up on food offered by the giants, the Macuxi explorers would return “home” to the “external” world, aided by the giants of the inner world.

The Macuxi are said to be the “guardians” of the underworld, the protectors of the entrance to the interior of the Earth, and their legends speak of a land, within the land, full of incredible powers and riches.

This legend, of course, is considered by many to be just that, another ancient story. But for the Macuxi, their “legend” was as real as it gets, and they were the gatekeepers until British explorers arrived in the Amazon in search of gold and diamonds, venturing into the caves, never to return.

Since the last meeting with them, the Macuxi say that the giants would punish them for not fulfilling their obligations and the “legends” of the giants have faded over the years.

Is it possible that this is just another legend? Or is there something more to the mysterious Macuxi tribe and their legends?

The Hollow Lands are said to exist in many ancient civilizations and cultures around the world.

The existence of giant beings that inhabit our planet is another fact present in dozens of ancient cultures around the world, present even in religious texts such as the Bible.

Is it possible that the legends of the Macuxi are real and that somewhere in the Amazon there is an entrance to the interior of the Earth?

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