The mystery of the 2 million-year-old nuclear reactor in Africa

A few years ago a reactor that worked with uranium was discovered in Africa and, although investigations hardly produce coherent data, the truth is that it is at least 2 billion years old, which is the only recognizable tangible data. Many scientists claim that this was formed by nature, however, there are many skeptics who refuse to accept this poor explanation.

A mystery in Africa
In the Oklo mines, located in the Republic of Gabon, a scandal broke out in the press when it was discovered that the uranium from this mine had already been used, which is why a series of exhaustive investigations was initiated in order to seek an answer to this phenomenon found. in Africa. The results obtained were of concern to many people around the world.

The reason almost all of the uranium was used in the Oklo mine was that it was part of a nuclear reactor that had been around for just over 2 billion years, which obviously left the entire team dismayed. , well, who, so long ago, when there was no civilization, built this kind of technology?

there is no concrete explanation
The truth is that, despite this information obtained after the investigations, no one has made statements that can clarify all doubts, as the authorities simply claim that this nuclear reactor was made by nature itself. But why then are there not others exactly the same in the uranium mines of other countries or cities? These explanations have some loose ends.

In addition, it is important to note that so far it has not been possible to discover the exact functioning of this reactor, as its structure continues to be evaluated so far with the intention of replicating one that resembles it. With all the technology we have today, no breakthrough has been made yet. So is it possible that someone 2,000 years ago built this nuclear reactor? And if so, who or what did it?

What happened 2,000 years ago?
One of the questions that most worries people is: what could have happened 2,000 years ago for this reactor to be built? However, this is one of the few unanswered questions, because if this reactor were not a product of nature (and its structure is dubious), what could, so long ago, when there was no civilization, build something with such advanced technology?

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