UFO Hunter Finds Mysterious “Dome” on the Surface of the Moon

Well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring took from his archive a photo of the moon\’s surface that shows a very strange structure, similar to a transparent dome.

The object was discovered in 2011, but the researcher decided to improve its quality on the computer and actually succeeded.

The image clearly shows the gleaming dome, which Waring believes hides a massive city underneath, ideally located in the center of the crater.

According to the researcher, the dome has an external reflectivity similar to a mirror, which is evidence that the aliens who lived inside sought to reduce sunlight.

UFO hunters have long claimed the Moon is awash with extraterrestrial activity and some believe NASA knows all about the alien presence. Conspiracy theorists are now asking the space agency to release evidence about aliens.

After spotting what appears to be a mysterious dome on the Moon

Waring said there is no doubt that aliens reside on the lunar surface.

And after months of dealing with a pandemic no one expected, Waring argued that humanity has the strength to deal with such a shocking revelation.

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