Satellites of unknown origin would have been orbiting the Earth for thousands of years according to the Hebrew text Apocalypse of Baruch

Could alien satellites have been orbiting our planet since ancient times? Ancient astronaut theorists claim so, and argue that descriptions of an alien satellite can be found thousands of years ago, in the Hebrew text known as the \’Apocalypse of Baruch\’.

According to Georgio A. Tsoukalos the \’Apocalypse of Baruch\’ is one of the best accounts of ancient astronauts that we have, because it narrates a mysterious eye account of a satellite orbiting the Earth.

Baruch relates how he observed a great bird watching events on Earth. And from time to time, this bird would stretch its wings to extract or pull energy from the Sun. And after flying, this bird was so exhausted that it would collapse its wings.

If we look at satellites currently in space, it\’s pretty much the same thing. Satellites have solar cells on wings that can stretch, then retract as the controller wishes.

So we can theorize, what if Baruch saw something similar in the past? Baruch himself narrated that this bird was the \’Guardian of the Earth\’…

Could the enigmatic mythological bird reported in the Apocalypse of Baruch actually have been an observational satellite of unknown origin?

Could this startling sighting be the final evidence that extraterrestrials have been keeping watch over the planet for thousands of years, as some ancient astronaut scholars indicate? And if so, are they just watching or are they a possible threat??

Source: History Channel: Aliens of the Past

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