The Rhodope Skull: Evidence for the Existence of Aliens on Earth?

The absence of corpses or other tangible evidence is one of several arguments used by the scientific community to deny the possibility of alien life on Earth.

This causes a no-win situation, though, since practically all evidence is either disregarded as fake even when it is real, or it just disappears before it can be examined.

Such is the case with the intriguing, never-before-seen extraterrestrial skull from the Rhodope region.

This skull was discovered in the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria by a resident of Plovdiv, a town 150 kilometers (90 miles) southeast of Sofia, the country’s capital.

The unnamed man found the skull buried next to a little metal item with an oval shape.

His fascinating tale began when he had a dream in which five beings wearing yellow metallic clothing led him to a location in the Rhodope Mountains close to the Bulgarian-Greek border.

He went to the location the strangers had pointed out on May 21st, 2001, and sure enough, the skull was there.

Many ufologists view his discovery—which stirred up a lot of excitement and debate—as supporting proof for the existence of aliens and their presence on Earth.

The skull was first only seen to a small group of people who were curious about the supernatural, but this did not keep it a secret for very long.

The skull was inspected by professor Dimiter Kovachev, the director of the Paleontology Museum in Asenovgrad, and archaeologist Katya Malamet of the Bugarian Academy of Sciences. They both claimed they had never witnessed anything like that.

The skull is the same size as a newborn human baby’s, yet it weighs just 250 grams and has a lighter and thinner bone structure (8.8 ounces). Researchers believe that the six chambers in it are the alien’s sensory organs.

This entity had six eyes or maybe more wholly unidentified organs while it was alive. It’s odd that there isn’t a mouth hole where we would expect one to be.

It does not like any skull of a hominid that is known to science, and Professor Kovachev is certain that it is not a fossil. According to Kovachev, “We couldn’t uncover any comparison or association with anything from the previous 30 million years.”

Despite having characteristics that are unlike those of any other animal, skeptics contend that the skull belonged to an as-yet undiscovered animal species.

Intriguing speculations abound regarding the Rhodope skull. Koubrat Tomov, a well-known psychic in Bulgaria, thinks it belonged to an Atlantean genetically modified creature.

He says the skull is the remains of a botched experiment that took place there thousands of years ago.

According to a different belief, they are probably the remains of an extraterrestrial that was quickly buried after being murdered by soldiers stationed nearby during World War 2.

The peasant from Bulgaria who discovered the skull claimed to have received numerous kind offers to sell it. Sadly, the skull vanished before researchers could do a DNA study and carbon dating.

Regardless of who the current owner is, he definitely doesn’t want to share his object with the rest of humanity even if it could be proof that aliens exist.

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