Would we be able to understand an alien language?

We have always thought that intelligent life that is beyond our comprehension and comprehension might have a greater communication capacity than we usually use. A communication that sometimes borders on what is known as telepathy or even mind reading.

Well, it turns out that this approach has been proclaimed and questioned by many scientists and experts, who suppose that extraterrestrials would have a broader language than usual to give much simpler, but extraordinarily complex, forms of communication to our understanding.

Are we really alone in the universe?
The answer to this question is stated and the truth is that it would be frightening to think that we were lucky enough to be the only living beings in the entire universe, thus understanding what outer space encompassing a whole really means.

At first, it is known that many scientists do not believe in face-to-face contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, firstly because the universe can be so gigantic that you could spend hundreds and thousands of kilometers navigating through space and not find any clues. so it is common to think that you would be contacted via a radio signal as they would also be.

the first contact
Was it NASA itself that pointed out an unknown, which opens an endless debate, because after seeing each other face to face and having picked up the radio signal, would we be able to understand them or vice versa? This simple question made more than one expert think and reflect on their research, to end a debate that was generated.

For some, it is noticed that science fiction may have provided a kind of illusion to the public, as it is extremely difficult to have to decipher a kind of mother tongue of which one has no idea in principle and which can also suggest a change. in each of the things we know as communication.

key in hieroglyphics

For some, the Inca, Mayan, Aztec and other cultures may have provided a very important key to knowing how to decipher the mysteries to understand, these various modes of communication that the aliens will have with us.

It is important to know and recognize that communication is part of everyday life and that without it we can only give signs of what is expected to be done. In the future we will have more efficient communication and it is hoped that the contact with intelligent life will open us to a better understanding.

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