Three towers are found on the surface of Mars

The three martian towers
The planet Mars is very private, and on its large rocky surface there are great mysteries that have not yet been revealed. However, recently, three very strange elements have been found in the Meridian Earth region, which are shaped like towers and line up, just like the Pyramids of Egypt.

While rock formations are very common on Mars, researchers say these three don\’t appear to have a natural origin, but were likely built for some purpose that has yet to be determined. This discovery took place in 1999 and since then these elements have been studied to obtain much more information about their origin.

a multitude of theories
Each of the discoveries made on Mars has given rise to numerous theories. In fact, one of the most common is the claim that there is intelligent life on the red planet; a statement that has strengthened over the years.

With the discovery of these tower-like features, there would be many other reasons to continue studying this particular planet; while each unknown could be cleared up and many more answers to the questions researchers have been asking for so long would be obtained.

Civilizations on Mars

According to some scientists who have dedicated their lives to carrying out different research work on Mars, there is a high probability that in the past there were civilizations that inhabited this planet; and ensure that, today, there is sufficient documentary material to prove such information in the long term.

On the other hand, others explain that intelligent life existed on Mars years ago, but that these civilizations were later destroyed.

Finally, although none of this has been verified, there are many data that were obtained from previous studies and should not be discarded, as they can be used in future research; as well as the great discovery of the three towers, which is undoubtedly a great advance in the study of the planets and everything related to them.

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