A possible antigravity device is discovered on Easter Island

While the historian community wants to claim to have a complete mapping of how Easter Island was formed, all the questions this mysterious island poses are still unanswered.

Characterized by their rocky monuments known as Moais, which are distributed around the island in different areas, they are still present, although they have suffered the elements of nature, being victims of landslides, among others.

However, the real mystery is how these gigantic monuments were placed across the island, with what tools they were forged, how they were transferred from the manufacturing site to where they are today.

How were they transferred?
Experts have not yet found a logical explanation of how these artificial constructions, which have considerable weight, were transported. In recent years, according to excavations carried out, it has been shown that everything on the island was the responsibility of an ancient civilization that had advanced technology.

As on Easter Island, experts say that around the world, in places like Giza, Ecuador, Peru, among many others, we can find formations of great size and weight, of which no physical or textual evidence has been found. moved from one place to another.

So is it possible that they were transferred with some sort of device?
According to what historians suggest, it is possible that some of these ancient civilizations had technology sufficiently advanced for the time that would have allowed them to carry out these construction and transport tasks.

Whether with the use of devices designed to facilitate these tasks or alternative energy networks, such as an antigravity device that would allow the mobilization of these large objects, but as we mentioned before, these are just theories.

Were these ancient civilizations influenced?
These theories are not substantiated due to lack of evidence, however, many experts claim that these civilizations were influenced by superior beings, who provided highly advanced technology and devices for the construction of these monuments.

That is why the Egyptians and ancient Sumerians worshiped these gods who came from the heavens, who provided wisdom and intelligence for the creation and formation of a utopian society, in which humanity would pay some kind of tribute towards the achievement of a common good. . to benefit.

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