These ancient jade stones discovered in Mexico are evidence of friendly contact with aliens

A group of researchers was sent to Veracruz in a forest to look for a cave that was said to have some amazing carvings on the walls.

Upon reaching their destination, however, the researchers came across something even more incredible than simple carvings on the walls.

What they came in contact with is a series of jade stones that are supposed to represent a friendly extraterrestrial contact that happened in ancient times.

The detail on these jade stones is absolutely remarkable, you can clearly see that this was very important to the natives of the cave and that this was no joke.

A UFO can also be seen in the distance and a Mayan leader kneeling in front of the ancient alien life form as well. The two are exchanging artifacts, which would imply that some sort of deal had taken place between the two parties.

Many theories hypothesize about a relationship between ancient civilizations, such as the Aztec and Mayan populations, and alien life forms that helped them with technology that rivals our current one. This is, according to official statements, a clear example of a friendly encounter with aliens, which is further supported by the fact that the title on the jade stones says the same thing “The Stones of First Encounter”.

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