Neil Armstrong/Buzz Aldrin Tells Director “They’re Parked Here By The Crater”

Neil Armstrong (astronaut) is changing the radio channel because he needs to report that a UFO is following his spacecraft.

But, he needs to do this secretly and knows that the radio being used at the moment is not safe, the public will listen. He needs to speak to the Medical Director, quick! After watching the video below, you should check out the credited sources (bottom of the post) for the full picture and full details.

So because he knows everyone is listening to every word. This he says and knows he has recorded – the first man to step on another celestial body changes the radio channel. He is now in direct contact with the NASA Medical Director, to whom he says “they are here. And parked on the edge of the crater.” Of course he later forgets all about it. So he denies it and then says he said it. But we’re mixing it up and that’s not what he meant.

This is a mind-blowing thing and do you know who is giving us this information? It’s a fellow astronaut! It’s first-hand quality information and it really is a bomb. Aliens spying on US astronauts, they parked at the edge of the crater. That means your vehicles are there, your ships can contain any number of extraterrestrial entities…

This devastating information came from none other than Buzz Aldrin. This is a decorated astronaut, a veteran NASA employee, a truly remarkable individual who has selflessly served his country since he was young.

There isn’t an iota of lie in his story, he’s a decent person who knows what he heard, he knows what he saw and knows it wasn’t the lack of oxygen that made him hallucinate – that’s a good faith, straight forward explanation than he and Neil Armstrong saw on the moon.

Just before the famous moon landing of 1969, NASA mission control had a few conversations with astronaut Neil Armstrong aboard the spacecraft Columbia as they were directing us to the lunar surface.

Seriously though dude, here’s what I basically said between them:

On the third day of the mission, the Apollo crew contacted Houston to ask about a “mystery object they say was floating in space”.

Apollo 11 audio transcripts show that Armstrong said:

“Do you have any idea where the S-IVB is in relation to us?”

The S-IVB, the third stage of the Saturn V rocket used to reach the Moon, and by that time, had already been scrapped from the Apollo 11 Command and Service Modules. Mission Control then responded:

“Apollo 11, Houston, the S-IVB is about 6,000 nautical miles from you now. About.”

Many years later, Buzz Aldrin was on a TV interview and (don’t forget this is many, many years later). So he’s had a lot of time to refine the plausibility of all the things he’s said since 1969 and the year after. This is probably his most famous throwback of any I’ve ever heard of!

Because the astronauts didn’t know what they were looking at at the time. Aldrin admitted that the object could be described as “unidentified” on a technicality.

So all I know is when someone is being smug, or being arrogant and basically saying. That they didn’t say what you thought they said. And that we distort what he said is usually just to cover his tracks “legally” or maybe because someone at NASA told him to “put things in order!”

He is genuinely trying to clear things up by citing a legal loophole that is insane!

It almost sounds like a pathetic attempt at gross cover-up. To rely on an English dictionary technicality – it’s laughable, it’s insulting. Anyway, decide for yourself, but lastly in this part, they continued to observe the object. Until they fell asleep (check out OpenMindsTV’s link to this story below at the bottom). But he didn’t discuss it over the radio with Mission Command again until the interrogation when they returned home.


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