Scientists Can’t Explain These Findings – It’s Beyond Our Understanding

Archeological discoveries are found on a regular basis, and that is a fact, but the problem behind all this is that many of them really cannot be explained from a scientific point of view.

No matter how much research wants to take out theorists and brand them loonies, and the fact of the matter is that the hypotheses they come up with are full of inconsistencies and gaps.

They would rather imagine that 100 weakened slaves raised 50-ton boulders about 100 feet in the air with nothing but sheer muscle control over them, gaining a certain improvement of technology from the ancient alien life form of civilisation.

They would like to assume that these “out of timeline” objects are nothing but rocks and stones, ignoring the reality that they are obviously true and that they make little sense from a timeline point of views such as the 400,000-year-old light bulbs and toy spaceships that are well over 6,000 years old.

The carvings of alien beings come to Earth to reign over humans.

Ancient bunkers that demonstrate the presence of nuclear technology about a million years ago, evidence of the nuclear fallout that burned the earth and converted it all into the glass.

Humans self-mutilate their own bodies to resemble the elongated, egg-shaped heads of the travelers, etc.

There’s just so much out there that we don’t recognize, and just avoiding them may be science’s way of coping with it, but we’d rather be believers than liars.

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