Bizarre Coins Of Uncertain Origin With Engraved Aliens And UFOs Discovered In Egypt

Since ancient times, humans have discovered several aspects that are linked to the arrival of aliens on Earth. These artifacts have often created debate among scholars as it is not yet known which of them are original and which are fake to confuse.

Another theory could be that they reflect something other than what people believe. This is what happened in this event when an ancient coin was found in Egypt.

People who see it claim that the mask painted on the coin is inspired by another species and depicts an alien being. This is the slogan of the strangest coin ever found. Another example is a coin that was engraved with a UFO.

Being something that has not been proven so far, these items always leave questions unanswered. Another coin found in 1680 has serious evidence that UFOs live and have been in our world, at least as many people believe.

In the same sense, as in any case, there are those who believe that this is direct proof, but there are still those who think that it is just oval shields, artifacts used by soldiers to protect themselves. The only thing we need to do is wait for the researchers\’ opinion.

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